Oshii's Avalon?

Scorsese scorsese
Thu Nov 9 00:43:43 EST 2000

pls stop e-mailing me
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> At 10:40 AM -0600 11/6/00, Ito, Michiko wrote:
> > Dear Markus,
> >
> > Aaron referred Oshii's work as "Avalon," and I wonder if the Japanese
> > is "Jin-Roh.  If so, I heard it will be relapsed in US next year. . . .
> > perhaps.
> Jin-roh is a first-time directing outing for a character designer that has
> worked with Oshii in the past (was Okiura the name?). For some reason, it
> was on the international festival circuit for at least a year before it
> released in Japan last spring (where I saw it). Does anyone know the story
> behind that?
> The script was written by Oshii and it's an Oshii Mamoru world through and
> through. The setting is near future, as is typical of Oshii, but it has
> drawn to evoke early 70s Tokyo. Along with the AMPO popular protests on
> street, it's also about geba-style turn to violence while featuring
> usual displacement of the uchi-geba of the old student movement onto the
> police and government.  The fetishistic treatment of weaponry was a way of
> the top, but it was wonderful animation.
> Markus

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