pink eiga

Julien Seveon js97
Thu Nov 9 20:15:49 EST 2000

You should check Thomas Weisser's "Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex 
Films". His magazine, Asian Cult Cinema, also usualy features many articles 
and interviews on the subject.


>I am doing a resesarch on pink eiga (or any softcore porn movies) of the 
>60s and 70s. Is there any materials written on the topic (in English)? I am 
>specifically interested in looking at the historical context of the genre: 
>how those films were received by the Japanese audiences at that time and 
>especially what were female audiences' reactions like? What would be good 
>sources to look at for these questions and where could I find those 
>materials? Any information would be enormously helpful to me. Thanks!

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