Self introduction (E).

Tor Sorensen otv195sb
Fri Nov 17 00:31:18 EST 2000


My name is Tor Bechmann Sorensen. I am a student of Japanese at the Asian Department of The University of Copenhagen. I am interested in contemporary japanese society and culture. 

I am currently undertaking a stay in Osaka, where I am participating in a short term student exchange program at Osaka University until august 2001. 

I hope that being a member of this list will "let me in" a bit on the academic discussions going on concerning japanese film, especially contemporary film. I have been trying to find out "whats going on" in Japans movie "world" and film industry since I got here in august, but as my japanese skills and available time still doesn`t allow me to follow sources in japanese closely I am happy to find the kinejapan list.

Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Tor Bechmann S. 


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