Battle Royale Battle

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?attended the Tama Cinema Festival for Shinoda's adaptation of Chikamatsu.
The talk show had him and his wife, Iwashita. Shinoda's financial off-stage
story in getting to the insight of production was most interesting.
By  the  way, do you know any  scholar living in Tokyo area who would edite
a paper for an American film journal? I need it desperate.
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>Fukasaku Kinji's new film Battle Royale, starring Beat Takeshi, is
>already causing controversy before it's even been released.
>First, the film, based on a controversial novel, has earned a R-15 rating
>from Eirin which prevents children under 15 from seeing the very violent
>film--even though it mostly figures characters that age.  Fukasaku and
>Takeshi have criticized this, arguing that it's tale of a school class
>killing each other is a lesson tale for youth these days.
>But second, the film has actually turned up in the Diet.  Democratic
>Party member Ishii Koki, having read the book and been shocked by its
>content, asked Minister of Education Oshima about the film in an
>Educational Committee hearing.  "While there is freedom of expression,"
>he said, "the government should institutionally pass judgement on works
>that influence juvenile education."  "It is the job of government
>administration to protect the people from works that incite crime or
>which destroy order."  Ishii also criticized Eirin, even despite its
>tough rating, for being a form of industry self-regulation with no
>penalities.  Thus he voiced support of government involvement.
>Oshima, not having seen the film, declined to comment.
>This is only one of the calls over the decades for government regulation
>of film, but given the "rise" of violent youth crimes, may not be the
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