Not Forgotten at Nantes

Aaron Gerow gerow
Wed Nov 29 20:11:48 EST 2000

I got a fax last night informing me that Shinozaki Makoto's new film Not 
Forgotten (Wasurerarenu hitobito) was graced with two prizes at 22e 
Festival de 3 Continents at Nantes, both in the acting category.  The 
three veteran actors, Aoki Tomio, Oki Minoru, and Mihashi Tatsuya, shared 
the prize for best actor, and the film's Kazami Kyoko won the award for 
best actress.  Aoki, who appeared in Shinozaki's Okaeri and was famous 
before the war as Tokkan Kozo, was there to receive the prize for himself 
and his two colleagues, and Shinozaki accepted the actress prize on 
behalf of Kazami.

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