20th Century Nostalgia

Lawrence Marceau lmarceau at UDel.Edu
Thu Apr 12 08:07:41 EDT 2001

    Was there any critical reception to "20th Century Nostalgia," starring
Hirosue Ryoko (mentioned below in passing by Aaron)?  TV Japan, which
provides mainly NHK broadcasting for a monthly fee in the US, broadcast this
film last year as an installment in their monthly "Cinema Theater."  My
personal impression was that it was little more than a means for displaying
Hirosue to her fans, but perhaps the critics appreciated the extensive use
of amateur video to provide layering in the film.

    Please correct me if I'm missing something...

    Lawrence Marceau

> Subject: Hirosue meets Besson
> Date: Wed, 11 Apr 01 16:16:04 +0900
> From: Aaron Gerow <gerow at ynu.ac.jp>
> To: "KineJapan" <KineJapan at lists.acs.ohio-state.edu>
> Papers have reported that the popular Japanese idol, Hirosue Ryoko, is
> co-starring with Jean Leno in Luc Besson's new film tentatively entitled
> Wasabi. The Waseda student and star of many commercials and movies like
> 20th Century Nostalgia and Poppoya will thus make her international film
> debut, apparently speaking French for the entire film.  Filming has
> already started in Paris.
> Aaron Gerow

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