Weisser's books and VSoM

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I think pretty much all of us know what Weisser is about. His followers
surprise me more than the people who do not like him. I just wonder if all
the legalities he mentions in his brochures are true. Is the copying of
videos and the ditribution of them amongst members of a club legal in the
U.S.? It's all kind of suspect to me.

I don't mean to extend this conversation farther than it's already gone but
this is something I've been curious about for while.

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Yes, I believe he owns Video Source of Miami.  And what's very interesting
is that many of the films listed in his books are not sold there... One
would assume that if he had access to all of those prints, they would also
be sold through his distro.  Hmmm....

All the Best

>Isn't Weisser closely related to Video Search of Miami and their pirated
>Robert Stuhr

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