Hotaru / Suzuki Seijun

Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp
Thu Apr 5 03:53:50 EDT 2001

Ohayo gozaimasu,

Sorry to bore people again with yet ANOTHER plug for Midnight Eye, but 
there's a review of HOTARU and an interview with Naomi Kawase on the 
I personally really enjoyed the film during its screening at Rotterdam and 
would love to see it again, but unfortunately it doesn't look like its going 
to get any sort of release outside of the festival circuit.
I'm usually rather put off by such lengthy films, but this one seemed to be 
pretty engrossing. EUREKA opens in Amsterdam this weekend, though I'm not 
sure how if I feel strong enough to cope with 3 hours reading Dutch 

Jasper Sharp

Midnight Eye: Cult Japan Cinema

>I had planned to go do some flower viewing last Saturday and when I left 
>apartment in the morning it was snowing!  I thought I would go over to the
>Film Center and see one of those old Chinese films instead, but the series
>hadn't started yet and the center was closed.  I was a week too early for
>"2001" too.  So after walking back and forth in the slush all day I ended 
>catching the 6:00 show of "Hotaru" at Teatoru Shinjuku.  (I was going to 
>"Kawachi Carmen" that night anyway.)  Originally I wasn't going to see
>Kawase's new film; I was a little turned off by Yoshimoto Banana's comments
>on the flyer, among other things.  At this point I'm glad that I went, and
>the film did exceed my expectations, but I thought the story was only 
>  I noticed Aaron Gerow's review in this morning's paper but I haven't seen
>a lot of discussion about the movie elsewhere.  Have any other members here
>seen it?  What did you think?

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