shoujo in postwar film

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Sorry for my lack of explanation.  "Shoujo" is pre-marital female, whose
age can range anywhere from 10-20+.  "Teenage girl" is one way of putting
it, but it's a broader category with historically shifting cultural
implications (those shifts are part of my study).
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify.

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> sorry for my ignorance, but what is shoujo?
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> > I'm new to the list and have enjoyed reading people's postings.  I'm
> currently involved in a project trying to trace the figure of the shoujo in
> film after World War II.  Does anybody have suggestions?  I've got Misora
> Hibari films in the 1950s (orphan), other of her films in the 1960s (country
> girl), and a slew of films for the late 1980s and 1990s (teenage prostitute,
> biker girl, shopper).  I have a big gap of the 1970s, and am looking for any
> films which may depict shoujo as kawaii or cute.  Manga and anime of the
> period depict shoujo with increasingly rounded features, and bigger and
> bigger eyes.  What about film?
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