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A. M. Nornes amnornes
Fri Apr 13 12:49:52 EDT 2001

Hello everyone,

As you know Kinema Club is a sort of mysterious entity. In a sense, everyone
on KineJapan belongs to the club. It's open for anyone to try anything. So
Aaron and I toyed with the idea of publication, both online and on paper. We
have just finished an attempt to try something in the traditional format, a

In Praise of Film Studies is an unusual book. It's published in tribute to
Makino Mamoru, a film scholar in Japan who helped the contributors in their
work. Nearly half of the book consists of translations of Makino's work, and
they are very interesting essays. The rest of the volume collects essays in
both Japanese and English. Because of the nature of the book, it had to be
self-published and this is something we've done collaboratively (both in
terms of time and money).

It is now on sale, and it turned out great. We know you'll all love reading
it, so please order it AND MAKE SURE YOUR LIBRARY GET IT!!!!!!

Under a separate message (which you can forward) I will include the ISBN
number and the table of contents. In yet another message, I'll include the
introduction that Aaron and I wrote...but we'll make you pay for the rest of
the book! (It's only $19.99 and nearly 250 pages, softcover).

We also have another request. We are experimenting with one of the new
phenomena on publishing: the print-on-demand system. Basically, this book
will be in print indefinitely. When an order comes, they immediately print a
copy, bind it, and send it off. This is a swift process, especially if you
order directly from the publisher's website ( There's
another good reason to order from the publisher's website: we've done this
by pooling our money, and we hope to break even on the project. If you order
through other places (bookstores or, they get a cut that would
otherwise go toward the authors. So if you don't mind, turn your browser to and check out In Praise of Film Studies.



PS: If there is anyone out there who would like to review the book for
KineJapan readers (or for regular venues), we'll send you a free copy. Just
contact me off the list.

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