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Aaron Gerow gerow
Thu Apr 12 23:53:13 EDT 2001

Just a few more words on In Praise of Film Studies.

The book is a somewhat eccentric collection, with essays in English and 
Japanese, and its variety of topics, from the benshi to government film 
policy, from wartime film to collecting manga.  But it is both a 
groundbreaking work in Japanese film studies, having been produced in two 
languages by scholars from several countries, and is unified in its 
support of Makino Mamoru's vision of serious and dedicated film studies.  
Some of the essays directly draw on Makino's collection, or on his 
scholarship on censorship, bibliography, and documentary, and all reveal 
a strong commitment to not just writing about a movie, but puruing 
documentary research on a movie's conditions and history.  I think few 
people will find all the essays relevant to their interests, but all will 
find some examples of the new things that can be discovered about 
Japanese cinema if properly studied.

A note about the production of the book.  As a manager of KineJapan, I do 
have to make sure people do not use the list to sell commercial goods, 
but In Praise is an exception.  Not only is it the product of Kinema 
Club, with many contributors to the book being members of KineJapan, but 
it is a non-profit publication which was created out of sincere feelings 
of thanks to a very generous man.  None of us will make a cent on this 
and most likely we'll lose money.  Even if it does go into the black, the 
profit will go to Makino or some cause he supports.

That's another reason why I do urge KineJapan members to order the book 
or, better yet, ask their university or institutional library to order 
it.  Also mention it to friends, if possible.

Finally, a note on reviews. We should stress that we prefer that those 
who want to review the book be able to read both English and Japanese.  
That will greatly restrict the number of people who can review it, but 
that condition does ensure that reviews will be taking into account all 
aspects of the book.


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