some thought about "Ring"/Cannes Festival Selection/a question

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Yes, I find his books to be useful as film lists but useless as far as solid
information sources or analysis. Seeing them in stores everywhere often
saddens me as there are hundreds of valuable and worthwhile books which
handle the subject of Japanese film in an informative, responsible and
interesting manner. I only have the Horror one and I can tell you that it is
full of mistakes and misinformation. Buy it as a film list but do not depend
on it if you are going to use it as a reference for schlarly work.

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Subject: some thought about "Ring"/Cannes Festival Selection/a question

"Ring" has just been released in Paris with great and unusual publicity for
a japanese movie, maybe because Paris hosts a large asian community, and
maybe because the press has always been positive about recent japanese
movies (After Life, Cure...).

I found the movie very interesting in its attempt to modernize the urban
legend. The video tape sequence is very frightening, and for french TV
viewers, it may recall them a short film serie called "les documents
interdits". It used very effectively so-called "real footage" about
paranormal events. It was aired almost ten years ago...

One critic though, Nakata Hideo's direction is good and low profile, but I
found the actors somehow lacking dimension (especially the female journalist
that almost has the same expression on her face throughout the movie).
Anyway, I would be interested to know your opinion on this one, and also the
sequels and Korean remake.


Aoyama Shinji's "Desert Moon" and Kore-eda Hirokazu's "Distance", both will
compete at Cannes Festival this may.


One more thing : can anyone tell me if these two books are valuable :

Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia : The Sex Films
by Thomas Weisser, Yuko Mihara Weisser, Naomi Tani

Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: Horror Fantasy and SciFi Films
by Thomas Weisser, Yuko Mihara Weisser, Oliver Stone

Christophe Crison
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