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Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp
Fri Apr 20 10:47:11 EDT 2001

I kind of agree with you Don. Much as I think its great that a Japanese film 
is getting such a positive reception in both Europe and US at the moment, 
I've never really understood why this film in particular has been singled 
out for such plaudits. I mean, its an effective enough chiller, but there 
seem to be great lurches in narrative logic and certain avenues which are 
left inexplicably unexplored, given the rather silly premise. There are 
certainly more interesting Japanese horrors out there at the moment (TOMIE, 
AUDITION etc), but I guess people will catch up with these eventually. I'm 
certainly looking forward to break the shrink wrap on my UZUMAKI DVD when it 
finally arrives through the post

Jasper Sharp
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>>So, if he first two were so substandard, what was so good about the
>>Ring 0? I haven't seen it yet so I'm kind of curious.
>I didn't want to sound like I thought the first two movies were garbage -
>rather that they didn't have quite the verve and originality that some
>people seem to think they do.
>I think we talked about the merits of Ring 0 in an earlier discussion, so I
>don't want to bore list members with the same argument, but basically I was
>impressed with the way it approached the central character (Sadako) and the
>series itself from a totally opposite perspective to the first two films
>(almost like making a prequel for Jaws, explaining how young Bruce was
>teased by the other sharks and became a psychopathic leg biter). For me it
>succeeded both as a stand-alone film and as an entry in the series,
>especially in the escalation of events leading to Sadako's 'creation'.  I
>can't remember too many horror films that manage to successfully (and
>intentionally) create sympathy for the monster, while at the same time
>breeding such a memorably evil one.
>Anyway, I'd much rather rave on about the more daring Japanese horror films
>of the last few years, like Kairo, Uzumaki, Audition etc. I don't think
>Nakata Hideo's all he's cracked up to be.
>Don Brown
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