Monique Louw russelsparadox
Fri Apr 27 18:29:25 EDT 2001

Good Morning,

I find it slightly unnerving to be introducing myself to a group of people 
that I can't see.

I spend my days reading technical documents for a company that does wireless 
application services and telematics. The developers are truly an interesting 
group of people to work with. They all have computers at home and spend most 
of their time tapping at a keyboard.

Recently, a friend of mine was given a number of videos. This left him with 
a slightly sticky situation. It's never occured to him to get a television. 
He now comes over on the odd Saturday to watch videos. {I suspect that its a 
secret ploy to turn me into an addict too...}

Either way, it seems to be working. ;)

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