Recent Japanese Cinema - in NYC

Shoji Yumiko yumiko_shoji
Sun Apr 29 12:31:21 EDT 2001

I am always struggling for finding this kind of event (screeings/events 
specific to Japanese movies/arts) in Los Angeles area.  I wish I were in 

Very much appreciate your infomation and thoughts.


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>Have been meaning to post this...
>Starting on 11 May 2001, Japan Society at 333 E 47th St in New York 
>will be
>hosting 'Recent Japanese Cinema.'
>11 May - Rosewater and Nabbie's Love [Nobi no koi]
>18 May - Hats Eugenia Kim and Shooting Star [Ryusei]
>25 May - The Void and Falling into the Evening [Rakka suru yugata]
>1 June - The Well and Don't Look Back [Dokomademo ikou]
>8 June - Talkie & Silence and Deep River [Fukai kawa]
>15 June - Remnants and Begging for Love [Ai o kou hito]
>See you there!
>Oh.. and a ps: beginning on 30 May will be a 3 part lecture series 
>'Sex in Japanese Art and Culture'.  The second installment, on 7 
>June deals
>with the 60s to present with a focus on artists... I would assume 
>there will
>be some discussion on Araki Nobuyoshi, and perhaps some filmmakers.
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