Miike subtitles

Robert Stuhr samurai1 at myokay.net
Fri Aug 17 12:04:26 EDT 2001

At 09:40 17.08.2001 +0200, Pier Maria Bocchi wrote:
>If you want to see Miike's movies, you have to be patient: you can spot them
>at Festivals around the world, or you can try to locate some samples with
>subtitles from the distributors, or you must wait till the DVDs arrive...
>in the meantime, the fabulous Visitor Q is out there with Subtitles

City of Lost Souls is also available with engl. subtitles on HK-DVD.
The disc is a flipper, has bad subtitling and the movie is IMHO junk.
I was very disappointed. You've seen it all before...

Robert Stuhr

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