Uchida Shungiku

Roland Domenig roland.domenig
Sat Aug 4 15:36:30 EDT 2001

> While on the subject of Hiroki Ryuichi, I had heard that Uchida Shungiku,
> manga authoress, had committed suicide.  But recently, she's listed in the
> acting credits of VISITOR Q and forthcoming STACY.  So, dead or alive?

I guess your source is not very reliable and the suicide of Uchida Shungiku
just a rumor. 
Uchida Shungiku had a wonderful role in Miikes truely frightening VISITOR Q
and she plays a part in Tomomatsu Naoyuki's upcoming STACY.
Her online diary also suggests that she is fine:

The newspapers reported, however, that the novelist Yamada Futaro died a
couple of days ago at the age of 79. Several of Yamada's novels were made
into films, among them the NINPOCHO series, ETSURAKU by Oshima Nagisa and
MAKAI TENSHO by Fukasaku Kinji. Last year he was awarded the 4th Mystery
Bungaku Taisho.  

By the way, Hiroki's new film FETISH (Bikyaku meiro) will open on August 25
at the Joy Cinema in Shinjuku.
You find more information at the website:

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