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Thu Aug 16 10:31:57 EDT 2001

I am not sure, but I think netflix may have the dvd for rental...
other than that, virgin megastore has it for purchase (they have almost
everything, but are rather over priced).
  The Spiders were a garage rock band of the late mod era.


Jasper Sharp wrote:
> The Seijun Suzuki STYLE TO KILL book that accompanied the
> reotrspective has stills of a film that Mari Annu appeared in with a
> band who look curiously like the Beatles. According to a non-film buff
> Japanese friend who had caught it on television a few months before,
> it featured a band called THE SPIDERS and is probably from around the
> mid-70s. I'd love to see this film - it looked like a cross between
> BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS and HEAD. If anyone knows anything
> more about it - title, director, for example - please can they let me
> know!
> thanks
> Jasper Sharp
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