ICHI & Electric Dragon 80000V in Toronto

Julien Seveon js97
Mon Aug 20 23:21:38 EDT 2001

Versus is a fun movie and, as long as you watch it with this in mind, you 
shouldn't be disapointed.
Despite all the fuss around it, I wasn't that much impressed by it. OK it's 
very entertaining, has great cinematographic effects, (very) good 
choregraphied fights, but in the same domain, I definitly like better Wild 

Versus is maybe a little bit too long, after all, 2 hours (or so) of non 
stop action is a little bit too much, even for die-hard action fans. The 
film lacks some depth. Of course this is not the purpose of the film and in 
the genre (the "zombie-gunfights-swordplay-gangsters-kung-fu" genre), it 
definitly stands as one of the best. But I can't help being a little bit 

Julien Seveon

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>Regarding "Versus", the trailer played prior to Electric Dragon.  Looks
>like one for the boys at Ain't It Cool.com, and it even comes with an
>endorsement from Harry Knowles himself.  Looked like one long fight scene
>to me - will be interesting to see if there's more to it.
>Don Brown
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