Electric Dragon 80000V

patrick Patrick.Crogan
Mon Aug 20 22:05:05 EDT 2001

> Thanks Don for your comments elaborating your thoughts on the film.

> I agree your evocation of the 'well hidden brain' of the film does narrow the gap
> between our responses to the film. And yes it is a long way from Gojoe or Angel Dust.
> (never seen August in the Water, apparently very hard to see nowadays in the west); its
> metaphysics are not so 'deep' rather they are surface 'metaphysics': of sensory impact
> and transformative electronic surges across the spaces between things (Artaud, Deleuze,
> etc. rather than Heidegger, Nishitane, etc.).

Anyway, pleased to think/write/hear about this film via this dialogue.


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