CD-ROMs on Eureka and Kurosawa

Aaron Gerow gerow
Thu Aug 23 03:44:23 EDT 2001

Higuchi Yasuhito at has been producing some interesting projects 
of late, two of which have just come out.  They may be of interest to 

1) CD-ROM _EUREKA Special_
Contains a number of articles by such figures as Umemoto Yoichi, Hikoe 
Tomohiro, Inagawa Masato, Olivier Assayas, and Aoyama Shinji on the 
"afterwards" of Aoyama's film EUREKA.  For more information on the 
contents and on ordering information, check out:

2) CD-ROM _Kurosawa Kiyoshi no kyofu eigashi part 1_
The contents of a 7-hour interview of Kurosawa by Shinozaki Makoto, 
focusing on such Japanese horror films as Matango, Yotsuya kaidan, the 
"Chi o suu" series, and Kurosawa's own Korei.

Information on it is at:

All the information (and, I assume, contents of the CD-ROMs) is in 
Japanese.  Those of you out of Japan who are interested in ordering 
should probably contact Higuchi about ordering from abroad.

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