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Pete Larson bulb
Thu Aug 30 13:01:39 EDT 2001

There are many.

If you go to DenDenTown (ask anyone how to get there) there are about 10
good used video/dvd shops down there.

There is an excellent shop in Juso in Yodogawa-ku. Get out of the station
and look for the "Friendly Street" shopping arcade. Go straight down the
arcade and after about a 5 min walk you will see a video store on your left.
It's a little past where the arcade breaks and will be on the corner of the
arcade and a street. Prices are good and there is little competition for the
"good stuff" out there.

For new things, there is Tsutaya in Umeda, also an excellent store.

There are scattered used video shops all throughout Osaka but I find the
best selection to be the ones in DenDenTown, plus the one's there stock new
stuff as well.

If you want, I can draw you a map but I will have to find an online subway
map of osaka.

Good luck,


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Dear Kinejapaners...
I'm sorry for my boring questions...
.... but could anyone tell me a good video/dvd shop in Osaka (also
second-hand shops)?

Thank you again

Giacomo Calorio

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