Pete Tombs' Documentary on Roman Porno on TV

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Thanks for the plug, Stephen. I hope any UK based members who watch enjoy
it. However, I'd like to make clear the huge (in fact crucial) contribution
made to the production by Gavin Rees. Let's just say that if the programme
works, say thanks to Gavin. If it doesn't - blame me!

By the way (and I think I can safely assume that no Channel 4 executives are
reading this), C4 decided to cut THE VIRGIN COURTESAN!! Beyond belief in
this day and age in the UK where LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and CANNIBAL
HOLOCAUST can finally be viewed, to all intents and purposes, uncut. I guess
animals being slaughtered wholesale and women being terrorized and abused is
OK but a bit of politically incorrect rollicking comedy is still dangerous.

I guess that's some sort of statement...about something

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> The documentary on Nikkatsu roman porno made by Kinejapan member Pete
> Tombs screens on Channel 4 (British terrestrial TV station) tonight
> followed by a screening of Sone Chusei's THE VIRGIN COURTESAN, widely
> billed in television listing guides as an "erotic comedy".  This follows
> last weekend's hugely interesting documentary on Indonesian fantasy
> movies, also made by Pete.
> You've still got about 14 hours to find someone to tape it for you.
> Stephen

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