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kiseko minaguchi kiko
Thu Dec 6 01:48:29 EST 2001

Does anybody know any book written in Japanese
about Ito Takeo's backgrounds?

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> This is a little late, but the independent film producer Ito Takeo died
> on the 29th at the age of 91.  Ito began his career at Toho and was one
> of the leaders of the Toho strike after the war.  He left the company
> with many of the strike leaders and during the 1950s, produced many of
> the films of the leftist independent companies, ones directed by Yamamoto
> Satsuo, Imai Tadashi, Kamei Fumio, and Ieki Miyoji.  These films include
> Senso to Heiwa, Dokkoi ikite iru, and Shinku chitai.  In the 1960s, he
> was associated with Daiei, producing, among others, the Shinobi no mono
> series.
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