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KYA KA RA BA AKawase-san,
How are you? Hope you remember the interesting talks we had on a bus ride
from Colorado University to the airport last year. My speech on Mimasu you
listened to at the meeting will come out in a booklest in English next
January. I hope to see you again sometime.
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  Dear all in Europe,

   Hello there!

   My latest film, "KYA KA RA BA A" will be broadcasted
  on ARTE FRANCE at 23:50 on Saturday, the 8th of December.

   Don't miss this great opportunity!!!

   Please spread the good words of the film to acquaintances friends,
  family and lovers if you enjoy it.  For those of you can't enjoy
  the film, you can also spread your impressions on the film.  I would
  like to welcome all sorts of comments from you.

  Naomi Kawase in Japan, hoping you will enjoy the film.

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