Looking for material about Kurosawa Kiyoshi

Pier Maria Bocchi further
Wed Dec 19 09:52:15 EST 2001

There are the NERO JAPAN Special on Cineforum magazine (n?395), where I
wrote much about K.Kurosawa.

There is also a nice interview with him (by Maria Roberta Novielli) on
Cineforum magazine as well (n?407).

There is also a profile I wrote on Cineteca, the Lumiere Cinema (Bologna,
Italy) magazine, but I don't remember which one.
You can ask here:
Guy.Borlee at comune.bologna.it

Pier Maria

> Dear Kinejapaners,
> I'm beginning my graduation thesis about Kurosawa Kiyoshi and I'm
> looking for materials about him, it doesn't matter if in Japanese,
> English, Italian or French (maybe also in Spanish it could be
> good...). I found interesting material on internet, but I'm wondering
> if anyone of you could give me some advice about interviews, books,
> reviews and so on, or could send me some materials. I'm also looking
> for movies like "Kandagawa inran sensou" or Kurosawa's episodes of "Gakkou
> kaidan" (specially the one about Hanako-san) or "Fukushu - kienai kizu
> ato".
> If anyone could tell me where I can find any kind of stuff about Kurosawa
> I'll be very glad.
> Thank you very very very much,
> best regards
> Giacomo Calorio

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