Looking for material about Kurosawa Kiyoshi

Giacomo Calorio karisuma
Fri Dec 21 02:56:08 EST 2001

Thank you very much for the address... I sent an email to Higuchi Yasuihito
about the cd-rom.

About the books which you named, are they easy to find?

best regards

Giacomo Calorio

AG> Especially if you're in Italy, you should probably just send an e-mail to
AG> Higuchi Yasuhito about purchasing the Kurosawa Kiyoshi kyofu no eigashi 

AG> http://boid.pobox.ne.jp/info/kyofu1.htm

AG> His e-mail is: rev at mbd.sphere.ne.jp

AG> You might want to talk to him about how to order it from abroad.

AG> As for other writings on Kurosawa, you might already know that Cahiers du 
AG> Cinema Japon has many articles on him in the last 10 years (it seems like 
AG> one an issue).  Kurosawa himself, who has written a lot of film 
AG> criticism, has several books out, including Eizo no karisuma, Lost in 
AG> America (co-authored), Eiga wa osoroshii, etc.  There have also been some 
AG> dojinshi-kind of special issues on Kurosawa, and the Keio Gijuku Daigaku 
AG> Art Center recently put out a special pamphlet on him.

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