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Thu Jan 11 02:28:34 EST 2001

Thanks to Mark and Aaron for their comments and reviews.  The discussion is 
probably more interesting than the film itself.

Friday the 13th and Arnold S. movies (looking at Aaron's review again, I 
remember why that example came to mind) definitely aren't the worst I can 
think of, and I actually enjoy being upset by The Exorcist, pea soup and 
all.  I'm sure Japanese kids are attracted to BR's violent reputation, but 
at the same time I suspect it's not hard for them to find videos and comics 
that are even more gratuitous.  Maybe they'll forget for a while with all 
the advertising from the politicians, however.  When I saw the film there 
was a line of high schoolers and college-aged kids stretched around the side 
of the theater.

(Incidentally, the #1 on my all-time "worst" list would have to be 
Obayashi's Drifting Classroom.)

I don't know if BR belongs in the top 10 lists, but I don't think it was a 
complete waste of my time.  The story makes a reasonable comment on violence 
that Japanese youngsters can probably even relate to.  I thought that at 
least was valuable, despite a simplistic action-movie set up and 
predictable, alternating explosions of angst and ketchup.

The comparison is a bit of a stretch, but we're not going to see a similar 
reaction to Eureka, are we?  I wonder what will happen if BR is released in 
foreign countries.

Aren't there any comments on Charisma?  ;-)

Mike Arnold
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