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<< Film.  But, as the press notes emphasize, it was done it "chromatic black 
and white."  Sounds contradictory, but basically they took a black and 
white negative and printed it on color print stock.  Apparently this 
creates slight, sometimes unpredictable and barely noticeable shades of 
color in some shadows, etc.  Aoyama and Tamura picked this over straight 
monochrome (i.e., black and white negative printed on black and white 
positive stock).

Aaron >>

Aaron, it definitely looked like B&W neg printed on color stock, but I doubt 
any of it was unpredictable since a color print off a B&W neg would have a 
blue or green tint. (Just look at any Wings of Desire print to see what 
happens). It was definitely printed as sepia tone and no good lab would say 
that anything about this process is uncontrolled, though of course, my 
opinion of Japanese lab work is fairly low at times. The only color 
variations I can think of would be on purpose or due to chemical stains. 

I still think it's a wonderful film, nonetheless.

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