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<< I just watched "Antonio Guadi" by Teshigahara (I have to review it for its
appearance at UCSB) and very much like the soundtrack by Takemitsu. Any
idea if this is avail. on CD?

Plus, in the publicity notes, it mentions a film by Teshigahara titled "The
Man Without a Map". Would this be a film version of Abe Kobo's "The Ruined
Map"? And if yes, is it available anywhere in the world?

Ted >>

Dear Ted,
As it's distributor (both when I worked in Kino in the 80s and now at 
Milestone), I believe the Gaudi soundtrack was available in Japan when the 
film first came out there in 1986. Maybe the list members can verify this for 
me. If not, email directly to me in a week or so and I'll fax Mr. 
Teshigahara's office and ask.

As to your second question, yes it is. One of my goals this year is to pick 
up some of Mr. Teshigahara's other films (we also have Woman in the Dunes) 
since we're a great admirer of his works and find his office very 
professional to deal with. (Something that can't be underated.)

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