Films about occupation period

Jasper Sharp
Fri Jan 12 05:40:32 EST 2001

TAKECHI Tetsuji's BLACK SNOW/ KUROI YUKI (1965) took a its central theme the
rape of a Japanese girl by a (black) American soldier.

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The first installment in Kinji Fukasaku's Battles Without Honour and 
Humanity (Jingi Naki Tatakai, 1973) series deals with the American 
occupation of Japan and how that climate contributed to the development of 
organized crime and the birth of contemporary yakuza.

A number of the main characters in one of Fukasaku's earliest films Greed In

Broad Daylight (I believe it's from 1968, but I forgot the Japanese title) 
are American, including a black GI and a young woman who is half Japanese, 
half black American. Even though the film itself is somewhat clumsy, the 
dynamics between the Japanese and the American characters are very 
interesting - much of it harking back to the occupation.

Tom Mes

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>I just got Suzuki's "Gate of Flesh."
>Can anyone recommend any other films which deal with the US occupation?
>I understand that during the occupation itself, Japanese filmmakers were 
>permitted to show any sign of it in their films -- though Kurosawa 
>seems to suggest it strongly in One Wonderful Sunday and Stray Dog
>Thanks in advance for your comments.

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