Hong Kong VCDs

David Lewis david.lionel.lewis
Fri Jan 12 14:35:07 EST 2001

Ted Mills wrote:

> Another brief post:
> Will Hong Kong VCDs play on an American DVD player? If so, there's a lot of
> Japanese film available with English subtitles, but if not, then I'm SOL
> unless Taiwan has some.

They should play on any DVD with VCD capability. They do on mine.
There are quite a few japanese movies on the Mei Ah as well
as on the Universe labels (there are still others),
including quite a few great classics, not so great classics,
as well as contemporary stuff (I saw: ring, Kikujirou, Audition, Ping-Pong Hot
Some of them have English (and Chinese) subtitles (mostly the newer stuff),
but, as fas as I know, in general, the subtitles are in Chinese only.

David Lewis

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