Hong Kong VCDs

c. jacqui chen jacqui_chen
Fri Jan 12 16:55:35 EST 2001

 I caught Naruse's fantastic "Scattered Clouds/Two in the Shadow"
 on a Mei Ah VCD, hard to find in the US by any other means.
 The Chinese-only subtitles were helpfully *not* part of 
 the letterboxed image. Most of the "Classics"
 released by Mei Ah don't have English subtitles,
 as though they don't quite have the same
 appeal as contemporary films in global markets.

> > They should play on any DVD with VCD capability. They do on mine.
> > There are quite a few japanese movies on the Mei Ah as well
> > as on the Universe labels (there are still others),
> > including quite a few great classics, not so great classics,
> > as well as contemporary stuff (I saw: ring, Kikujirou, Audition, Ping-Pong Hot
> > Spring...)
> > Some of them have English (and Chinese) subtitles (mostly the newer stuff),
> > but, as fas as I know, in general, the subtitles are in Chinese only.
> > 
> > David Lewis

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