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M Arnold ma_iku
Sat Jan 13 14:43:25 EST 2001

Hello again, everyone.

Today I met up with a friend to go see a movie... it ended up being Battle 
Royale (yes, again).  It didn't leave much more of an impression the second 
time, but at the risk of beating a dead horse I still think that, regardless 
of the director's filmography, the story makes a statement on violence 
(however simplistic), and the circumstances surrounding youth-related 
violence in Japan, rather than just cash in on it.  My personal feeling is 
that people shouldn't be scared away by the film's reputation.

This time there were a couple of high school girls sitting in my row, and 
when the film ended I decided to ask them what they thought.  Unfortunately 
they didn't give much of an answer, but I don't think they took it lightly.  
They did say the movie was "scary" and "gross," but that overall they were 
glad they came.

Thanks again to everyone who added their comments here.

When BR finished I ran over to Shinjuku to see the late night showing of 
Eureka at Teatoru Shinjuku.  Producer Sentou appeared at the beginning of 
the showing to make a couple of remarks.  I'll save my comments on the film 
until I've figured it out @_ at .  The photography was beautiful, however.  I 
don't remember if it's been mentioned here or not, but was Eureka filmed 
with film, or in digital?

>Aaron Gerow:

Thanks for checking the script!  I have an idea or two myself about what the 
radio (and story overall) could "mean," but I was also wondering what other 
people here thought.  I'm not really sure what my friend meant about 
"surrealism" either...

Mike Arnold

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