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A.M. Nornes amnornes
Sun Jan 14 06:07:59 EST 2001

At 6:54 PM +0900 1/14/01, Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow wrote:
> >was Eureka filmed
> >with film, or in digital?
> Film.  But, as the press notes emphasize, it was done it "chromatic black
> and white."

I wondered about that. It really had a strange feeling to it, almost sepia
without being sepia.

Tamura surprised me last year by saying---just before Eureka previewed (even
before it finished editing!)---that of all the films in his long career, he
was most proud of this film. I can see why.

Dennis, I didn't understand your, "just look at any Wings of Desire print"

By the way, while we're on the Fukasaku discussion, I might add that Tamura
was slated to shoot one of his films a couple years back. He actually
started the production, but quit in the middle. Apparently, he just didn't
fit into the mainstream crew culture.


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