Fukasaku Kinji discussion (1/20/01)

sdeboer sdeboer
Thu Jan 18 17:52:09 EST 2001

I just ran across the following information by chance and thought I would
pass in on for any list members in the L.A. area:

It seems that the Aurora Foundation and the JUSPA (Japan U.S. Producers
Association) are taking advantage of Fukasaku Kinji's presence in L.A. to
sponsor a discussion/chat with the director on Saturday (the 20th) from 2
to 4 o'clock.  [A Fukasaku retrospective is being held at the American
Cinematheque, beginning with Battle Royale tonight.] There is a fee to
attend (rumors of light food and drink?), and they ask that people
interested in attending call ahead to reserve a seat (which
are limited). The Aurora Foundation's phone number is 323-463-9929.

A bit of free advertising for them, but it seemed potentially interesting.
Also, as the flyer I have before me is written in Japanese, my guess is
that the discussion will also be held in Japanese.

Perhaps I'll meet other list members there?

Stephanie DeBoer  

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