Films about occupation period

Edward Fowler ebfowler
Fri Jan 19 12:40:37 EST 2001

Imamura Shohei's PIGS AND BATTLESHIPS (Buta to gunkan, 1961) was, I
believe, the first film to deal frontally with the occupation; but
that, of course, was long after it had ended.  Kyoko Hirano's _Mr.
Smith Goes to Tokyo_ details meticulously the rigorous process of
censorship that prevented even indirect references to the U.S./Allied
presence.  A few did slip through, however, as in the case of an Ozu
film I'm familiar with (Ozu's first postwar production): A TENEMENT
WHO'S WHO (Nagaya shinshiroku, 1947).  Ted Fowler

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Lewis Saul wrote:

> I just got Suzuki's "Gate of Flesh."
> Can anyone recommend any other films which deal with the US
> occupation?
> I understand that during the occupation itself, Japanese filmmakers
> were not permitted to show any sign of it in their films -- though
> Kurosawa certainly seems to suggest it strongly in One Wonderful
> Sunday and Stray Dog (trucks)...
> Thanks in advance for your comments.

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