Subtitled Takahata DVDs

Michael E. Kerpan kerpan
Fri Jan 19 21:55:58 EST 2001

Takahata's Tonari no Yamada-kun is a Buena Vista release-- VWDZ8030.  His
Hotaru no haka is now a Warner Home Video release-- DL-93142 (apparently Disney
was uninterested in handling this film any longer).  Both have English

Having seen the Yamada movie three times (on DVD) so far, I must say I cannot
understand why Disney has no apparent plans to release this film in the US.  It
is very visually striking (in its own minimalist way) and also very funny.  I
don't see it as being culturally obscure to American audiences either.

Michael Kerpan 
Boston, MA

PS I assume that Kitano's Kikujiro was on the "list I couldn't read".  BTW, was
this just a list of Japanese releases of Japanese films on DVD?  If not, there
are also the new Region 1 releases of Kitano's Scene at the Sea and Kid's

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