Subtitled DVDs

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Fri Jan 19 22:54:22 EST 2001

>But I would also like to know what DVDs of Japanese films made in the US
>are region free.  Anyone have a list?

Of the ones I own, these are region (and macrovision) free:
A Taxing Woman (Fox Lorber)
Tampopo (Fox Lorber)
Boiling Point (Fox Lorber)
Violent Cop (Fox Lorber)
Ran (Fox Lorber)
Village Of Dreams (Milestone)

All are subtitled, but only Village of Dreams was taken from a subtitled 
print, hence there is no option to watch it without them.  As you can see 
from the list above, Fox Lorber seems to be sticking its nose up at DVD 
restrictions, but Criterion unfortunately always seems to use region coding 
and macrovision, as does every Japanese-made DVD I've come across.  
Don Brown
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