Protecting Youth and Regulating Speech, Battle Royale

Tom Mes china_crisis
Mon Jan 22 08:30:48 EST 2001

I have the recent Takashi Miike DVD box and can tell you that Dead or Alive 
was released without censorship cuts on DVD. So, yes, the intro (and 
everything else) survived.

Tom Mes

>Other violence-related problems with Eirin occured with Iwai Shunji`s
>"Swallowtail Butterfly" (stricter rating for juvenile delinquency) and
>Hayashi Kaizo`s "Wana" (The trap) (cuts on scenes regarded as incentive to
>violence). I do not know of any cases leading up to Battle Royale, but I am
>not sure how "Dead or Alive" fared - did the opening sequence survive 
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