Berlin Panorama

Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Sun Jan 28 19:33:09 EST 2001

Extract from official press release:

"Asia will be present with six striking productions: Japanese cult author
and composer Junsei Tsuji paints a landscape of strong-willed characters in
Hotoke. Kei Kumai, a Berlinale Bear winner, deals 
with the poisonous gas attack in Matsumoto and on the Tokyo subway in Nippon
No Kuroi Natsu - Enzai (Darkness in the Light). Hongkong-Chinese filmmaker
Herman Yau addresses the events surrounding the transition of power from
Great Britain to China, and reopens a long forgotten criminal case in From
the Queen to the Chief Executive."

Presumably HOTOKE is by Tsuji Jinsei of "Tenshi no Wakemae" and "Sennen
Tabito" fame who has/had a famous wife.


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