Kiyoshi Kurosawa's retrospective

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Tue Jan 30 20:21:08 EST 2001

Dear Isabella,
My name is Don Brown, and I'm a member of Kinejapan.  I saw your email 
regarding the Kiyoshi Kurosawa retrospective, and would like to ask your 
help.  I'm currently researching the directors Sogo Ishii and Kiyoshi 
Kurosawa, and would be very grateful if you could send me any information 
you have on Kurosawa.  I would be especially appreciative of a programme 
for your retrospective, a transcript of the interview with Kurosawa, or 
newspaper and magazine articles about the director, and material in 
English, Japanese, Italian or any other language would be fine. Of course, 
I am happy to pay for any costs involved in acquiring this material and 
having it sent to me in Japan, if you would be kind enough to send it to 
me.  I have a Federal Express account which may make things easier.  
Any help you could give me will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your 
Kind regards,
Don Brown
Cultural Affairs Division
City of Kawachinagano
Osaka, Japan
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