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Jasper Sharp
Mon Jan 8 04:09:42 EST 2001

I seem to remember that when it got a limited airing at the ICA in London in
1998, it came out under the title of
Good to hear it came out in subtitled DVD format at last anyway, even if it
is only in the US. Time to get in touch with Amazon, I think./

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A basic direct translation of "Ano Natsu, Ichiban Shizukana Umi" might go 
something like "That Summer, The Calmest Sea".  
Almost all of Kitano's films are available on DVD in Japan, but with the 
of "Hanabi" and "Kikujiro No Natsu", they're very basic packages with no 
subtitles.  His new film "Brother" opens here on the 27th of January.  On 
top of that, he's recently been appearing in commercials for Toyota.
On another DVD note, a Kiyoshi Kurosawa box set is on the way, with a 
promotional disk for his latest, "Kairo" (I think the English title is 
"Uranus").  The official site is here:
There's also a Miike Takashi box set available, with four or five movies 
including "Ley Lines" and "Dead Or Alive", as well as a promo disk for his 
recently-released "The Hazard City".  None have subtitles.
Don Brown

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