worst of the year

Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 8 07:12:16 EST 2001

>My "give me back my 1,800 yen" top three would have to be Red Shadow,
>Versus and Battle Royale, mainly for failing miserably to live up to their 

I second that vote for VERSUS, an appalling waste of time, though I can't 
support your opinion on BATTLE ROYALE. Like NOT FORGOTTEN, it has its flaws, 
but on a purely emotional level it still packs a pretty powerful punch.
I never had much in the way of expectations for VERSUS anyway, but for me, 
by far the most disappointing release of the year was VISITOR Q. I just 
found it far too eager to shock and really nothing we haven't all seen 
before. A controversial decision I know...

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