Self Introduction/ Imamura Shohei

Eija Margit Niskanen emniskanen at
Sat Nov 10 20:33:45 EST 2001

Marc, do you think Bakhtin's ideas could be used in order to study the aspects
you mention about Imamura's films? The carnevalesque and bodily aspects you
write about have a certain bakhtinian resonance...

At 09:10 PM 11/9/01 +0000, Marc Williams wrote: 

> My theses examined Imamuras's cinema as a "Nativist Carnival". Imamura's
> declared concerns, as well his films, owe much to Yanagita  Kunio .  I also
> suggested that  his work has a markedly carnivalesque  aspect,  which  while
> positing an rather attractive  and alternative Japanese identity , also
> reflects, at psycological level , repression and projection in the Japanese,
> middle class male psyche. Its a bit more complicated than that but there you
> go! 
> Those who have seen Ei Ja Nai Ka? will remember  Momoi Kaori as Ine hitching
> up her skirt and urinating to the delight of the dancing mob. Imamuras's
> films have always been about the lower half of the body. Rude, sexual and
> often silly. I don't  think we should be surprised or disappointed by his
> latest theme. 

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