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Tue Nov 13 05:23:50 EST 2001

If you are a French reader, 2 Ozu DVDs have been put out on Les Filmes de Ma 
Vie label in France as a double disc set for the very reasonable price of 
189 francs - yes they are out now. Try fnac.fr or amazon.fr. Also there's a 
Mizoguchi disc too. I picked them all up this last weekend - I'll post with 
more details (the titles, for example!) a little later. The same label also  
put out Kinugasa's JIGOKUMON / LA PORTE D'ENFER  a while back.

Jasper Sharp

Midnight Eye

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>Subject: Mizogouchi
>Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 22:12:22 -0800
>Mizogouchi is another great director, I sinceely hope that they start
>releasing some of his title soon.  I mean, they've releases Caninnibal
>Holocaust for god's sake surely somebody should have the effort to bring 
>work out?

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