Tough question for Japanese film experts.

Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp at
Mon Nov 19 12:03:37 EST 2001

This should sort the sheep out from the goats…

I was just glancing through Stephen Cremin's admirable opus on Japanese film 
in the BFI library when I stumbled across a reference for a 1937 film 
entitled KARAYUKI-SAN directed by Sotoji KIMURA. The closest I have got to 
finding anything about this film is a brief note in Anderson and Richie's 
JAPANESE FILM: ART AND INDUSTRY about the director called for a strike at 
the new company of Shinko. Apparently "the striking group was waylaid by a 
group of gangsters and blood flowed", Kimura and most of the others withdrew 
permanently , leaving behind a number of unfinished pictures".
This is all the information I have on either film or director. Was this one 
of the unfinished pictures perhaps? Does it exist? Has anyone seen it? Does 
anyone know anything about the film at all? I doubt it is some sort of 
Imamura-style expose on the subject, given the time it was made, but any 
information at all would be gratefully appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

Jasper Sharp

Midnight Eye

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