Tom Mes china_crisis
Thu Nov 8 08:37:42 EST 2001

If I'm not mistaken, the BFI and Criterion discs are virtually identical, 
with both containing Michael Jeck's somewhat leaden commentary. Seven 
Samurai was never shot in widescreen, so the Criterion disc isn't widescreen 
either. I'm not an expert on Akira Kurosawa, but I believe he didn't start 
using widescreen until Hidden Fortress several years later.

Also, the BFI disc is a lot cheaper. Why Criterion still thinks it's in a 
position to overprice its releases so drastically is beyond me. Even regular 
Hollywood studio DVDs these days offer equal or better packages than 
Criterion. They were ahead of the game, quality-wise, in the LaserDisc era, 
but the DVD market has caught up with Criterion. And in many cases surpassed 


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>Steer clear of the BFI version - it's not even in widescreen.  I have the
>Criterion edition, but haven't watched it yet.  I'm pretty sure it's in
>widescreen though.
>Don Brown
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