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Aaron Gerow gerow
Thu Nov 15 20:05:26 EST 2001


Do remember that KineJapan is a multilingual list, even though it seems 
that 98% of the messages are in English.  Messages in Japanese, like 
this, are not infrequent, and while those of you who don't can't read 
Japanese (because of education or computer set-up) cannot access these 
messages, some are still important.  This forwarded message, announcing a 
symposium in Japan conducted in Japanese, is such that there is no strong 
need to translate it.

As has been the practice in the past on KineJapan, we do ask those 
sending Japanese messages to note that in the title: J=Japanese; 
J+E=Japanese and English.  That can help warn people that the message is 
in Japanese.

Sorry if this caused any confusion.

Aaron Gerow
Yokohama National University
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