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Thu Nov 1 02:12:03 EST 2001

>From: "Tom Mes" <china_crisis at>

>this looks like an omnibus film or collection of tv films [...]
>I'm left wondering if this indeed Kurosawa's 1994 film finally 
>receiving a video release. 

I think I mentioned some of these here before.  You might find a few more 
details if you check the Kine Japan archives, but briefly...

I've never heard of a Kurosawa-directed Hanako "film" (there are several 
Toire no Hanako-san films & videos with other directors) but I think the 
one you want is the 1994 TV special, Realistic Horror: Gakko no Kaidan I.  
Kurosawa's 1994 Hanako (about 25 minutes long?) was part of that.  There's 
also an f (1997) and G (1998) in the series that Kurosawa participated in.  
Earlier this year there was also a Gakko no Kaidan: Haru no Mononoke 
Special on TV that featured another episode called "Hanako" directed by 

I found some discographies on the net that might be useful for you:

Here's the Daiei video page for G:

I can't seem to find pages for the other shows.  The Gakko no Kaidan tapes 
are relatively easy to get, and I rented them all at my local video shop.  
I've been meaning to re-watch some of those shows...  (My "Halloween movie" 
last night was Masumura's Otto ga Mita, and that was pretty chilling too.)

When I was at Teatoru Shinjuku the other day for Pistol Opera I picked up a 
flyer for an upcoming presentation, "Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Shinozaki 
Makoto no Kyoufu no Eigashi part 2."  It's on November 24 from 1:30 p.m. at 
the Athenee Francais Cultural Center.  I'm definitely planning to go.  
Anyone else?

Michael Arnold

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